I'm too sexy for my 'fro

So, what's up afros? Got a question.

Are women with natural hair considered sexy (in the mainstream)?

I see a lot of seriously sexy women on the 'gram and tik tok, that have the most beautiful, kinky, twisty, full-bodied afros and twists and I wonder, would these same ladies be cast as leading ladies in hip hop videos? Would they be in the strip clubs?


(We do not need to be seen through the male gaze to be sexy. I'm not even looking at this from the woman's point of view, I'm trying to see this from the layman's perspective.)

I am curious as to exactly how men who frequent the shake clubs view the dancers. Is it purely sexual? Purely entertainment? Fantasy fulfillment? Would seeing a woman wearing a natural hairstyle shake the illusion for them? I mean, let's look at a Pam Grier type. Most men can agree that she is hella fine. But would you also see this woman, with her big ass fro, on the pole at Magic City? Would she be a leading lady in a Da Baby video? (I think that 2 chainz has something like this going on in his latest video but it is a parody and if they weren't all dressed up in 70's garb, would the afro still be acceptable?)

I feel like locs, braids, and bald heads are a different thing tho. Long locs and braids can swing like straight hair so it still provides that illusion or flavor of that straight, caucasian/asian hair and bald-headed women carry themselves with such confidence and flavor, it's kind of like, "How you don't like this? What kind of fool are you?" You know what I'm saying?

So what do you think?

If anyone has thoughts or answers, I'm genuinely curious. Just thoughts running through my head on a Monday night...

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